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Our daily work involves continuous knowledge development, new technologies and treatment methods, which helps us to make decisions when faced with the eternal questions “To treat or to remove?”, “To fill or to prosthesize?”, “Bridge or implant?”, “Aesthetic restorations or porcelain veneers?”, “Braces or clear copings?”.

Our aim is to listen and find the best treatment or prosthetic plan for you.

There is no standard treatment plan that works for everyone – it’s individually tailored. Implants are also selected according to the individual situation: we use implants from Straumann (Switzerland), MegaGen (P. Korea) and Medentika (Germany), which are recognised worldwide and in Lithuania. Come and see us and together we’ll give you a healthy smile!

Sincerely, Doctors Marija and Audrius Čaplikai

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Why us?

About us

Our honest and consistent work and your patience help us achieve the best results. We are happy when we establish a strong relationship with a patient, because it is only through mutual understanding that we can solve even the most complex cases. We are always guided by the values of the Vingis Clinic:

Personal attention for everyone

When you enter our clinic, you enter the Vingis family. We strive for close communication, so that complex procedures are monitored and controlled by the same doctor. The patient has the opportunity to communicate with the doctor directly and immediately, both in person and over the phone.


We use the latest, most effective and only proven dental treatments in our daily work. We actively participate in conferences abroad and bring our best practices back to Lithuania. We use only high-quality materials, and select them individually.


Our many years of experience allow us to take into account the patient’s preferences and financial possibilities. We always find solutions that satisfy both sides.

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