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The information and the language of the text is prepared and adapted for patients. Prepared by periodontist Rokas Borusevičius.

Identification and treatment of periodontitis

The disease is diagnosed during the consultation, based on the findings of the examination and the X-rays. Periodontal treatment can be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment is usually the first step, starting with a local anaesthetic, instrumental cleaning of the roots of the teeth and periodontal pockets (sometimes called "deep cleaning" or "curettage"), and a medicated cleaning. Later, surgical treatment (periodontal flap surgery) is indicated.

How many visits are needed?

In most cases, treatment requires at least 2-4 visits if the disease is widespread and advanced (especially if it has been undiagnosed and untreated for years). In rare cases, more visits are needed if the disease is very severe, surgical periodontal treatment is needed, or if the patient does not ensure adequate personal prophylaxis and the disease continues to progress. Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email

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    • Vieno danties periodontologinė operacija 79-99€
    • Vieno danties giluminis periodontologinis išvalymas 19€
    • Vieno dantų lanko giluminis periodontologinis išvalymas 149€
    • Estetinis / funkcinis danties vainiko prailginimas su dantenų plastika 99€
    • Recesijos uždengimas (1 dantis) 149€
    • Dantenų priauginimas (augmentacija) 199€
    • Burnos prieangio plastika 159€
    • Periodontologinė procedūra lazeriu 59-99€
    • Gingivektomija / dantenų korekcija (1 dantis) 69€
    • Dantų sutvirtinimas (šinavimas) viela arba stiklo pluošto juostele 99€
    • Šaknies rezekcija (be medžiagų, priemonių kainos) 159-189€
    • Lūpos pasaitėlio plastika 69€
    • Periodontologinis praplovimas antiseptikais / gelio aplikacija 20€
    • Periimplantito konservatyvus gydymas (1 implantas) 90€
    • Periimplantito chirurginis gydymas (1 implantas) 130€