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Gift vouchers

Dreaming of an exceptional gift and a long-term investment – healthy and beautiful teeth for your loved ones? Do you want your relatives, friends or colleagues to smile with confidence? A gift voucher for dental services is the perfect solution!

Dental services are the most common choice for gift vouchers:

Gift voucher

You can specify a specific procedure or amount of money to choose one or even more of the services you want. Gift vouchers are available at the Vingis Clinic. Our clinic administrators will be happy to advise you on services or amounts. We’ll help you choose the best option for you, based on your needs and your options.

  • The Vingis Clinic gift voucher (hereinafter referred to as the “Gift voucher”) confirms prepayment and entitles the holder of the gift voucher to use it in accordance with the procedure set out in these Rules to pay for any of the services provided by the Vingis Clinic, as well as to pay for dental products.
  • Gift vouchers are not subject to a VAT invoice. If necessary, an acceptance certificate is issued.
  • The gift voucher can be purchased by a natural or legal person;
  • The value of the gift voucher is chosen by the buyer;
  • Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash;
  • If the amount of the services provided exceeds the value of the Gift Certificate, the Gift Certificate holder shall pay the difference;
  • If the price of the services provided is less than the price stated on the Gift Voucher, the remaining amount is not refundable;
  • The gift voucher is not valid if it does not have a unique registration number, the amount entered and the stamp of UAB Vingio klinikos;
  • A gift voucher is not valid if it is damaged, soiled, torn or otherwise defaced, making it impossible to identify the number of the gift voucher or the amount of money. Such gift vouchers are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • The validity period of the voucher is indicated on the gift voucher. Standard shelf life is 6 months;
  • Pre-registration is required to receive a voucher +370 692 38498 (Antakalnio st. 40, Vilnius), +370 666 33607 (Kauno st. 22, Vilnius) or by e-mail.
  • If the voucher has not been used within its validity period, it is considered invalid thereafter;
  • Vingio klinika reserves the right to change the rules for the use of the gift voucher and undertakes to notify the website in advance