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About us


For me and my wife, Vingis Park, where we lived, was* part of our lives. And not just for the greenery. Here we socialised and laughed, played sports and relaxed, discovered and learned. We were just happy to have found a place where it’s good to live. The other part of our lives was* work. We enjoyed our professional activities every day – socialising, laughing, discovering and learning.

Notice any similarities?

We noticed. This is why Vingis Park has become the symbol of our clinic. By giving it the Vingis name, we aimed for a “quirky” feeling, both for ourselves and for our patients – we have become a clinic that is friendly, attentive, open, active and constantly improving.

* not only was, but is.


We are one of the strongest clinics in the field of implantology and prosthetics. This is the personal responsibility of Audrius Čaplikas, the founder and head of the clinic.

While my colleagues see me as an idea generator, I see myself as a professional with a clear vision. For a long time, I have been (and still am) actively interested in global innovations in implantation and prosthetics, which is why today we offer our patients as many as four implants of the highest quality at different price levels.

We also provide other dental services of the same high quality – dental treatment, oral hygiene, fillings, aesthetic fillings, oral surgery and more. The success of these treatments is only sincerely ensured by experienced doctors with the appropriate specialisation.

All my and my team’s decisions affect our current and future patients in one way or another, so we are always guided by shared values.

It’s nice to be trusted. In a survey of new patients, we found that as many as 7 out of 10 patients came to us after a recommendation. This tells us that patients appreciate the values of the clinic and are satisfied with the results of our work.


We promise not to change.

We will be just as friendly, attentive, open and active.
We will keep learning so that you don’t stop smiling.

See you at the Vingis Clinic or Vingis Park,
Audrius and Marija Čaplikai

We’ll take care of your health and your smile!

Our honest and consistent work and your patience help us achieve the best results. We are happy when we establish a strong relationship with a patient, because only with mutual understanding can we resolve even the most complex cases.We are always guided by the values of the Vingis Clinic:

  • Personal attention for everyone. When you enter our clinic, you enter the Vingis family. We strive for close communication, so that complex procedures are monitored and controlled by the same doctor.
  • The patient has the opportunity to communicate with the doctor directly and immediately, both in person and over the phone.
  • Professionalism. We use the latest, most effective and only proven dental treatments in our daily work. We actively participate in conferences abroad and bring our best practices back to Lithuania. We use only high-quality materials, and select them individually.
  • Flexibility. Our many years of experience allow us to take into account the patient’s preferences and financial possibilities. We always find solutions that satisfy both sides.

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