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As dentistry is rapidly improving, we can offer Vingis Clinic patients a better alternative to teeth straightening – an invisible dental straightening cap. It is a method that goes beyond conventional teeth straightening methods in many ways. Convenience. Aesthetics. Speed. This is how this unique straightening technique can be described.

How does it work?

Invisible straightening caps are made of an ultra-thin, lightweight and transparent material that makes them invisible on the teeth.

The digital treatment is planned by up to three specialists: a dentist, an orthodontic consultant in Italy/Germany and a technical manager. Once a detailed plan has been drawn up, the dental technicians make the required number of individual caps based on the impressions taken of the dental arches, which need to be replaced as specified by the dentist (approximately every two weeks).

Each pair of caps gradually straightens the teeth by pressing them mechanically until the dream smile is achieved. This innovative straightening system allows you to straighten your teeth and form a correct bite without any discomfort.

What orthodontic problems can be solved with invisible straightening caps?

– Straighten crowded teeth;

– Eliminate gaps between teeth;

– To treat an open bite (in the absence of obvious skeletal defects);

– Treat a crossbite;

– To treat a deep bite (when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth);

– When the tooth needs to be pushed back no more than 4-5 mm.

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When all permanent teeth have erupted (except the mental teeth) – usually between 12 and 14 years of age. age.

1 visit. Consultation and treatment plan.

During the first visit, the condition of the teeth, the orthodontic problems and the patient’s expectations are assessed. The method of straightening the teeth with a cap is selected. A treatment plan is then drawn up and the jaws are imprinted/scanned and sent to a laboratory for the production of graves. The laboratory uses 3D digital technology to produce dental straightening caps.

Visit 2. Get personalised tooth straightening caps. The dentist/orthodontist will instruct you on the order in which to wear each cap for two weeks.There may be minimal discomfort at the start of treatment as the teeth start to move, but this will return to normal after 2-3 days. Invisible dental caps can be removed because, unlike braces, they are not glued to the teeth. However, the cap must be worn for at least 20-22 hours a day. Failure to follow the recommendations reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

Other visits. The dentist schedules further appointments, during which the patient receives more and more caps, so that the teeth are gradually pushed into position and straightened until the desired smile is achieved.

The duration of treatment is individual and can last from 5 to 18 months.

Last visit. After the last caps have been worn, supportive caps are made to help maintain a correct smile.

Invisible caps have revolutionised dental straightening, not only because of their impeccable aesthetics, but also because they are removable, comfortable and provide shorter treatment times.

Although braces can achieve good results, many patients do not want fixed orthodontic appliances for a number of key reasons: unaesthetic appearance, pain, difficult maintenance, frequent visits to the doctor and other reasons.

Vingis Clinic uses the following methods for straightening teeth
Airnivol, Ordoline, D’Aligner
dental straightening cap systems.

Invisible tooth straightening caps Advantages:

  • The caps are transparent and ultra-thin, so you can hardly see your teeth being straightened. This is particularly important for people who, due to the nature of their work, have to take care of their image, or for those who simply can’t imagine themselves wearing regular braces;
  • Straightening with these caps does not impair speech or cause scaling;
  • The invisible dental straightening caps are made of a biocompatible medical-grade material (polymer), so they do not cause allergic reactions or irritate the gums;
  • The capos are robust and wear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking;
  • If necessary, the straightening cap can be removed for a while. This will not impair the outcome of the treatment in any way;
  • The caps are easy to care for: just brush after every meal and do not use whitening or abrasive toothpastes;
  • Straightening teeth with caps requires much fewer visits to the dentist – one visit every 2 to 3 months is enough;
  • Unlike wearing traditional braces, with invisible braces you can continue to play active sports, enjoy all kinds of food and just live your normal life.

Invisible tooth straightening caps help prevent:

– pain;
– complex maintenance;
– frequent visits to the doctor.



    • Prints for the production of the kappa 69-99€
    • The protective tomb of bruxism 129€
    • Protective bruxism/myorelaxation capa (solid with facial arc register) 189€
    • Individual sports dental cap 159€
    • Control of the grave 29€
    • Retention/support tomb 99€
    • Facial arc registry / individual model articulation 59€