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Metal-free ceramic dental veneers

A beautiful smile with healthy teeth not only makes us look beautiful, but also makes us feel happy. When you can smile confidently, you communicate more freely, feel more confident and smile more often. Veneers are the most advanced and fastest way in modern dentistry to create beautiful teeth and smiles. Aesthetic prosthetics with veneers are usually performed on the front teeth - the ones that are most visible when a person smiles and speaks.

What are metal-free ceramic dental veneers?

These are ultra-thin (0.3-0.5 mm thick) metal-free ceramic plates, which are used to cover the outer surfaces of your own teeth. Similar to applying false nails. Thin laminate ceramic plates absorb, reflect and transmit light in the same way as a natural tooth. Laminates can be made in any colour, shape, length and can hide the surface of your tooth that you are not happy with. Each patient's veneers are made individually in the laboratory of a dental technician. Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email

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    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (S) 99€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (M) 129€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (L) 159€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (XL) 209€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (XXL) 239€
    • Estetinės plombos kontūravimas, poliravimas 29€