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Metal-free ceramic dental veneers

A beautiful smile with healthy teeth not only makes us look beautiful, but also makes us feel happy. When you can smile confidently, you communicate more freely, feel more confident and smile more often. Veneers are the most advanced and fastest way in modern dentistry to create beautiful teeth and smiles. Aesthetic prosthetics with veneers are usually performed on the front teeth – the ones that are most visible when a person smiles and speaks.

What are metal-free ceramic dental veneers?

These are ultra-thin (0.3-0.5 mm thick) metal-free ceramic plates, which are used to cover the outer surfaces of your own teeth. Similar to applying false nails. Thin laminate ceramic plates absorb, reflect and transmit light in the same way as a natural tooth.

Laminates can be made in any colour, shape, length and can hide the surface of your tooth that you are not happy with. Each patient’s veneers are made individually in the laboratory of a dental technician.

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When you want to change or improve:

  • tooth colour,
  • the shape of your teeth,
  • the size and position of your teeth,
  • repair broken teeth,
  • to fill the gaps between the front teeth,
  • straightening the dental arch when there are slight tooth curvatures and orthodontic treatment is refused.

– laminates look natural,
– maximum aesthetics (no discolouration or loss of gloss over time),
– robust and durable, resistant to wear and tear,
– spares the tooth tissue, as only minimal grinding of the tooth surface is performed,
– fewer visits are needed compared to dentures,
– the extremely smooth surface of the restored ceramics is virtually free of plaque, microbes and bacteria.

Laminates are not recommended:
– those patients whose teeth are severely damaged by caries or numerous old fillings, where little or no tooth enamel remains. Laminate flooring would only make the situation worse. It is better to opt for crowns.
– if your teeth are very crooked or if you have an irregular bite. Orthodontic treatment is then recommended first to straighten the dental arch and correct the bite, followed by minimally invasive veneers to correct the colour and shape.
Veneers are for aesthetic improvement of the teeth, not for the treatment of dental diseases.

Aesthetic restorations are more suitable when you do not want to change the colour, but only need a minimal correction of the tooth, for example, by restoring only the worn biting edge, or by minimally correcting the shape of the tooth by adding only the corners, but not covering the entire tooth surface. More about aesthetic restorations.
In cases where the colour of the teeth or the entire external relief is to be changed, the choice is between veneers and cosmetic restorations. The choice depends on the patient’s financial means, as laminates are a more expensive investment.

Laminates can be made from several types of ceramics:

  • Pottery for feldspar,
  • Lithium disilicate ceramics (“E-max”),
  • Leucite-reinforced ceramics.

Currently, one of the most advanced types of metal-free ceramics – E-max ceramics (Ivoclar Vivadent, Swiss manufacturer) – is the most popular on the laminate market and in the Vingis Clinic. It is a high-quality material that is 4 times stronger than the now rarely used metal ceramics used for crowns, and produces a particularly aesthetic and natural result.

On average, laminate flooring lasts 10-15 years. If individual oral hygiene is good, a protective bruxism cap is worn every night, very hard foods are avoided, and the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the lifespan can be even longer.
In any case, laminates should last longer than aesthetic fillings.

The procedure is preceded by a panoramic dental X-ray, which must be at least 1 year old, and a professional oral hygiene routine, which must be at least 1-6 months old, depending on the patient’s gum condition.

The first visit is a consultation (15-30 minutes) to discuss expectations, needs and opportunities. If everything fits, impressions are taken immediately for a preliminary wax-up of the shape of the future teeth and a preliminary measurement of the smile. Taking photos.

The second visit – the teeth are prepared for veneers (1 tooth – 1 hour): minimally invasive local anaesthesia is used to grind the surfaces of the teeth, impressions are taken for the final veneers and, during the same visit, temporary plastic veneers are placed, made directly according to the dental technician’s preliminary model of future teeth. See the future smile. Expectations are discussed again.

On the third visit, the measurement of the laminae. If everything fits, it is immediately cemented and the patient leaves with a stunning new smile.

Usually 3-4 visits are needed, depending on whether or not the veneers need to be adjusted. All teeth are prepared at once during one visit. Laminates are also cemented on all teeth in one visit.

Preparation of teeth for veneers: 1 tooth – approx. 1 hour So, for example, if you need to prepare 6 teeth, you will need a visit lasting 5-6 hours.
Foundation/cementing: 1 tooth – approx. 30 min. So, for example, if 6 teeth are being worked on, it will take about 3 hours for the foundation/cementing visit.

After 30 min.

After 2 weeks. an appointment for a check-up after the laminates have been cemented. Afterwards, individual care is no different from caring for your own teeth. It is important to remember to clean your gums with interdental floss and an interdental brush, and to follow other recommendations from your doctor/oral hygienist. Professional oral hygiene is usually recommended at least 2 times a year.

The cost of a single veneer includes tooth preparation, impressions, veneers, temporary veneers and cementation. Procedures
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Rūta Raginytė, specialist in aesthetic-functional restorations. Work experience since 2014

Examples of completed works

  • Microprosthetics of anterior teeth with veneers

    The patient complained of uneven front teeth. She refused orthodontic treatment. He wanted to straighten the arch of his teeth and lighten the colour slightly with cosmetic prosthetics.
    Microprosthetics of four teeth with minimally invasive ceramic veneers was performed, smoothing the dental arches, correcting the shapes and minimally lightening the colour of the teeth.


  • Aesthetic prosthetics with ceramic veneers, gingivoplasty

    The patient complained of worn down small teeth and gaps between her teeth. There is also a particularly pronounced gingival smile (when the gums are more visible than they should be). Aesthetic gingivoplasty was performed, reducing excess gingiva and exposing more of the tooth crown.
    This was followed by aesthetic prosthetics with ceramic veneers on six teeth, closing the gaps between the teeth and lightening the colour slightly.
    Duration of treatment: healing of the gums took about 3 months, restoration with veneers was done within 1 month.

  • Microprosthetics with veneers and aesthetic filling of capsules for anterior teeth

    The patient presented with worn teeth, old pigmented fillings and a rotated tooth 22. She wanted a smooth, beautiful, brighter smile.
    Ten teeth restored: aesthetic prosthetics for six front teeth with extra-strength
    ceramic veneers and aesthetic restoration of four molars to smooth and visually widen the dental arch.
    Smile restoration with veneers was done in 3 visits over a period of 1 month, aesthetic restorations in one visit over 4 hours. visit.
    After the treatment, a protective bruxism cap is made for the night.


  • Aesthetic prosthetics with ceramic veneers, aesthetic restorations

    The patient complained of worn, uneven and darkened front teeth. He wanted smoother, brighter teeth.
    Four front teeth are restored with ceramic crowns and veneers to harmonise colour and shape. Teeth corrected by aesthetic filling.
    The treatment was carried out for 1 month. 3 visits for the fabrication of veneers and crowns and one 2-hour visit for the fabrication of dental crowns. a visit for aesthetic filling of two canines.



    • Aesthetic tooth filling (S) 99€
    • Aesthetic tooth filling (M) 129€
    • Aesthetic tooth filling (L) 159€
    • Aesthetic tooth filling (XL) 209€
    • Aesthetic tooth filling (XXL) 239€
    • Aesthetic filling contouring, polishing 29€