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Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is one of the most basic and essential dental care treatments to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. It is also one of the first procedures that starts other dental treatments, such as cavity treatment, tooth extraction, dentures, implants, periodontal surgery, teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, etc. There are cases where professional oral hygiene is also recommended by other medical professionals - before heart, eye and vascular surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

What is professional oral hygiene?

Professional oral hygiene is part of the comprehensive care of healthy teeth and gums, just like daily personal oral hygiene. A regular toothbrush or brush and floss combination removes just over 60% of visible and invisible plaque. No matter how hard we try to take care of our teeth with a toothbrush, a single toothbrush, a toothbrush between the teeth, interdental flossing (of course, we must commend patients who take such responsible care of their teeth), it is difficult to achieve the ideal cleanliness of our teeth by ourselves. Plaque remains on the hard-to-reach surfaces of the jaw and tongue, in the gums or in the grooves of the teeth. That's why it's so important to have regular professional oral hygiene at the dentist's office. Professional oral hygiene is a procedure that removes soft and mineralised plaque (tartar) from the tooth surface and gums. At the Vingis Clinic, oral hygiene is performed with a 10x magnifying optic (conventional devices only zoom twice or not at all) with additional lighting. During professional oral hygiene, mineralised plaque is removed with an ultrasonic scaler or hand instruments, while pigmented and soft plaque is polished with the Airflow system and polishing paste. Seal surfaces are also checked and, if necessary, the "hanging" edges of the seals are polished. The procedure is followed by applications of therapeutic agents as indicated. Much attention is paid to patients' personal oral hygiene: they are taught how to brush their teeth properly, individual dental care products are selected, and the main areas of plaque accumulation are highlighted for more attention. Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email

What are the benefits of professional oral hygiene?

Benefits of a professional oral hygiene treatment:
  • Cleaning soft dental plaque;
  • Removing tartar (hard plaque);
  • Removes pigmented spots and blemishes caused by smoking or frequent consumption of coffee, wine and other colouring products;
  • Polish the surface of the teeth;
  • If necessary, mineral and healing applications are made;
  • Seal surfaces are checked and repaired;
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling of the gums;
  • Reduces pathogenic bacteria in the mouth;
  • Reduces the risk of periodontal disease, oral mucosal disease and tooth decay;
  • The teeth become brighter and more visually appealing.After the procedure, we advise on individual risks and personal oral hygiene:
  • We discuss the main places where plaque accumulates and how to care for it;
  • We identify existing or potential dental diseases;
  • We discuss how to brush your teeth well at home;
  • We select individual oral care products.

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    • Profesionali burnos higiena (kietų, pigmentinių apnašų nuvalymas ultragarsiniu skaleriu, rankiniais instrumentais, dantų poliravimas soda (AIR-FLOW sistema) ir profilaktine pasta) 69-89€
    • Dantų poliravimas soda (AIR-FLOW sistema) ir profilaktine pasta 49€
    • Pakartotinė profesionali burnos higiena 49€
    • Vieno dantų lanko giluminis periodontologinis išvalymas 149€
    • Vieno danties giluminis periodontologinis išvalymas 19€
    • Periodontologinis praplovimas antiseptikais / gelio aplikacija 19€
    • Dantų balinimas kapomis (abiejų žandikaulių kapos, dėžutė, balinimo ir nujautrinimo gelis) 199€
    • Dantų balinimas LAZERIU / LEMPA (balinimo gelis aktyvuojamas LAZERIU / LEMPA) 259€
    • Pakartotinis dantų balinimas LAZERIU / LEMPA (po 1-4 mėn.) 149€
    • Vidinis danties balinimas 69€
    • Vidinis danties balinimas (antras / trečias seansas) 49€
    • Estetinės plombos / danties kontūravimas, poliravimas 29€
    • Vieno danties fluoravimas / mineralų gelio aplikacija 9€
    • Visų dantų fluoravimas / mineralų gelio aplikacija 49€
    • Dantų karieso gydymas be gręžimo "ICON" (S) 69€
    • Dantų karieso gydymas be gręžimo "ICON" (M) 79€
    • Dantų karieso gydymas be gręžimo "ICON" (L) 89€