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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with diode dental H1 laser – safe, fast and effective

Professional laser teeth whitening is one of the safest and most effective procedures in modern cosmetic odontology.
Diode laser energy is used to activate a tooth whitening agent, the active ingredient of which is usually hydrogen or urea peroxide. Importantly, laser teeth whitening achieves a deep whitening effect – the laser activates the whitening agent, which reaches not only the enamel but also the dentin.

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How does the laser teeth whitening procedure work?

  • First, soft plaque is removed from the tooth surface;
  • A special gingival protector is applied to prevent hydrogen peroxide from getting on the gums during the procedure. It is also used to cover the surfaces of the teeth in case of crowding, enamel erosion, etc;
  • The teeth are coated with a special whitening gel, which is then activated by a laser.

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  • when it is desired to lighten one, several or all teeth.
  • darkened, yellowed or otherwise discoloured teeth, with or without external and internal stains.

Before undergoing a teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended to have a professional oral hygiene and preventive check-up to remove all plaque and stains.

Laser teeth whitening is only recommended for adults aged 18 and over.

This is an important question, because the biggest debate among dentists is not usually about the effectiveness of teeth whitening, but about the safety of the procedure. The acidic pH of the bleaching agent and the duration of exposure are thought to be the most important factors that can cause damage to the teeth, especially to the enamel and the deeper pulp tissues. Laser bleaching usually results in at least several times shorter bleach exposure compared to bleaching with various lamps (LED, plasma). This laser teeth whitening procedure is therefore safe for tooth enamel and deeper pulp tissues.



    • Professional oral hygiene (removal of hard, pigmented plaque with an ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments, polishing with baking soda (AIR-FLOW system) and prophylactic paste) 69-89€
    • Polishing with baking soda (AIR-FLOW system) and prophy paste 49€
    • Repeated professional oral hygiene 49€
    • Deep periodontal cleaning of one dental arch 149€
    • Deep periodontal cleaning of one tooth 19€
    • Periodontal rinsing with antiseptics/gel application 19€
    • Teeth whitening with caps (caps for both jaws, box, whitening and numbing gel) 199€
    • Teeth whitening with LAZER / LEMPA (whitening gel activated with LAZER / LEMPA) 259€
    • Repeat teeth whitening with LAZER / LEMPA (after 1-4 months) 149€
    • Intrinsic tooth whitening 69€
    • Inner teeth whitening (second/third session) 49€
    • Aesthetic fillings / tooth contouring, polishing 29€
    • Fluoridation of one tooth / mineral gel application 9€
    • Fluoridation of all teeth / mineral gel application 49€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (S) 69€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (M) 79€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (L) 89€