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Medical certificates

Preventive health check

It is essential for many professions, for children preparing for or attending kindergarten or school, for those wishing to obtain or change their driving licence, for those wishing to buy a gun, for those travelling abroad, etc.

Schoolchildren and kindergarteners receive annual preventive health and dental check-ups, with different frequencies for different professions.
Vingis Clinic provides health checks and medical certificates:

  • compulsory health checks and medical certificates for workers;
  • health checks and medical certificates for kindergartens and schools;
  • dental check-ups for children for medical certificates for kindergartens and schools;
  • health checks and medical certificates for drivers.


Driver’s health certificate (We accept fast, no queues!)

At the Vingis Clinic, we carry out medical examinations for drivers of all categories of vehicles.
Health checks are required for prospective and current drivers to obtain, change or renew their driving licence, and are also relevant for those who have lost their driving licence.

The health check for amateur drivers costs €35.
The health check for professional drivers costs €40.

The clinic provides preventive health check-ups for drivers, with a certificate issued by the family

When you go to your GP, you need to register in advance and have:

  • identity document;
  • driving licence (in case of a repeat health check);
  • an extract from the mental health centre on services provided/not provided in the last year
    10 years, i.e. from the medical establishments where you have been registered during the 10 years, mandatory
    statements indicating whether or not you were seeing a psychiatrist at the time.

How long is a driver’s medical certificate valid for?
I gr. The medical certificate for drivers of vehicles in categories AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE is valid:

  • Up to 55 years – 10 years
  • 56 to 69 years – 5 years
  • 70 to 79 years – 2 years
  • From 80 years of age – 1 year

Gr. II. C, C1, C1E, CE, D, D, D1, D1E, DE, T Cat. 2 years for drivers, including those employed as contract drivers (taxis, lorries, ambulance drivers, etc.), including category B.

Drivers’ health check and certificates are issued at Vingis Clinic, Kauno str. 22, Vilnius.

Registration by phone: + 370 666 33607, or by email:

Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email



    Medical records from the Family Medicine Centre

    • Document forwarding service 8€
    • Extract from health history 10€
    • Health history extract, urgent 15€
    • Preparation of a full copy of the outpatient record on request (urgent within 3 days) 25€
    • Medical certificate (for clubs, doctors/nurses wishing to take out a licence, students wishing to take academic leave, etc.) 25€
    • Preparation of medical documents for insurance 50€
    • Medical certificate for minors enrolled in education and employment 25€
    • International vaccination passport (with extracts) 15€
    • Child health certificate 30€
    • Children (2-14 years) health check for a visa to the USA 250€
    • Medical certificate for travelling abroad 35€
    • Preparing a full copy of the outpatient record at the patient's request 15€
    • Issue of medical booklet F048/a 3€
    • Medical certificate F046/a 25€

    Family Medicine Centre preventive check-ups

    • Preventive check for amateur drivers 30€
    • Preventive health check for professional drivers 40€
    • Preventive health check for employees 30€
    • Medical screening of applicants for civilian weapons 60€
    • Athlete health check F068/a 8€

    Family Medicine Centre treatments

    • Capillary blood sampling 4€
    • Venous blood sampling 4€
    • Venous blood sampling in children 5€
    • SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV, coronavirus) RNA detection (PCR) 80€
    • Rapid SARS-CoV2 antigen test 20€
    • Vitamin D testing in the clinic 18€
    • CRB testing in the clinic 10€
    • Urine test in the clinic 10€
    • Intravenous iron infusion, with the cost of medication 159€
    • Intravenous infusion (drip) 1 time (approx. 60 minutes) 60€
    • Intravenous infusion (drip) subscription 3 times 150€
    • Intravenous infusion (drip) subscription 5 times 250€
    • Intravenous infusion (drip) subscription 10 times 450€
    • Intramuscular injection 8€
    • Intravenous injection 10€
    • Initial wound repair 13€
    • Primary wound repair (large volume) 16€
    • Sulfur plug removal from one ear 15€
    • Removal of seams and staples, including retying 7€
    • Removal of ticks 15€

    Family Medicine Centre research

    • Arterial blood pressure 2€
    • Intraocular pressure (tonometry) 12€
    • ECG (Electrocardiogram) 15€

    Family medicine centre consultations

    • Consultation with a family doctor 50€
    • Remote consultation with a family doctor 40€
    • Family doctor consultation for uninsured citizens of the European Union and third countries 65€
    • Consultation with a family doctor in the patient's home 120€
    • Consultation with your family doctor about vaccinations 15€
    • Brief consultation with a family doctor (prescription, interpretation of tests) 25€
    • Home visit by a family doctor and BPS 145€
    • Home BP nurse consultation when drip infusion is planned (up to 60 min) 80€
    • Consultation by a GP nurse at home when blood sampling or vaccinations are needed 40€