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Treatment of dental canals

Root canal (endodontic) treatment. "Endo" is Greek for "inside" and "odont" means tooth. Endodontics is the study of the "inside" of the tooth, the treatment of root canals. Endodontic treatment is a complex and meticulous procedure that contributes significantly to the preservation of natural teeth. If there is even the slightest possibility, our clinic's specialists will do everything possible to preserve your teeth for as long as possible.

What is root canal (endodontic) treatment?

The main goal of endodontic treatment is to destroy micro-organisms in the root canal system and protect the tooth and surrounding tissues from infection. In the tooth, there is a soft tissue under the hard layer of enamel and dentin - the pulp. It is made up of nerves, blood vessels, loose connective tissue and various cells. If the pulp is damaged, the tooth loses its blood supply and innervation and becomes unviable. The most common cause of bacteria entering the root canal system is dental caries (tooth decay). The pulp can also become infected as a result of trauma or damage to the tooth (fractures, cracks, wedge defects, etc). In all such cases, root canal (endodontic) treatment is already required. Untreated root canals are a hotbed of infection, increasing the risk of heart disease by several times. Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email

Success rate of root canal treatment

Endodontic root canal treatment is a particularly meticulous and knowledgeable procedure. In our clinic, the endodontic dental treatment service is provided using the latest technologies that are used in endodontic treatment today. Only working with proven materials. After mechanical and chemical cleaning of the root canals, the root canals are filled with a special filling material - gutta-percha. The prognosis of endodontic treatment is very high (often 96-100%), but it is important to remember that this success is only achieved when a high-quality root canal treatment is followed by a timely restoration of the crown of the tooth (by filling with a permanent composite filling, a prosthesis with a cap or a crown) (2-3 weeks after the treatment at most). It is also important to know that it is the back teeth that often need a crown after endodontic treatment to prolong the prognosis of this tooth.

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    • Nuolatinio danties plombavimas (S) 60-70€
    • Nuolatinio danties plombavimas (M) 80-90€
    • Nuolatinio danties plombavimas (L) 100-120€
    • Nuskausminimas / vietinė nejautra 9-19€
    • Anatominis nudilusio danties atstatymas kompozitu (plomba) 79-99€
    • Danties preparavimas, poliravimas 29€
    • Skubi odontologinė / endodontinė pagalba 89€
    • Senų plombų išvalymas ir danties revizija 69€
    • Laikina plomba 29-49€
    • Vieno šaknies kanalo paruošimas plombavimui (pirminis gydymas) 49-89€
    • Vieno šaknies kanalo paruošimas plombavimui (pergydymas) 59-99€
    • Vieno šaknies kanalo plombavimas 69-89€
    • Dentiklų (pulpos akmenų) šalinimas ultragarsu 49-79€
    • Kalcio hidroksido pastos įvedimas į šaknies kanalą 29€
    • Lūžgalio, svetimkūnio, įkloto pašalinimas iš šaknies kanalo 39-59€
    • Šaknies kanalo plombavimas / perforacijos uždarymas su MTA 49-69€
    • Danties kulties atstatymas stiklo pluošto kaiščiu / kaiščiais 99-149€
    • Vienkartinės priemonės 15€
    • Darbas su mikroskopu iki 15 min. 15€
    • Darbas su mikroskopu iki 30 min. 30€