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Aesthetic restorations

Do you cover your mouth with your hand when you smile or do you not smile at all? Smile with confidence after the first treatment! Here is the most up-to-date information on the cosmetic dental filling procedure. If you have any further questions, please contact the contacts below.

What is an aesthetic dental filling?

During the aesthetic filling procedure, we restore the correct anatomy of the tooth and remove defects. Minimally invasive, without preparation, just by scraping the surface of the tooth, we cover it with a filling material and give it a proportionate shape and the desired colour. Interestingly, in Lithuania, this service is mostly chosen only for the removal of front (visually visible) teeth defects - for a perfect smile. In Western Europe and the USA, aesthetic restorations cover all the teeth, and patients are concerned about both aesthetics and comfort. The advantage of aesthetic fillings is that the results are extremely fast.

How does a cosmetic dental filling differ from a conventional dental filling?

Aesthetic restorations are designed to restore the natural anatomy of the tooth, addressing both physical and aesthetic damage, whether neglected or naturally occurring. During the aesthetic filling procedure, the focus is on the correct shape and colour of the teeth.

In which cases is cosmetic dental filling recommended?

Patients choose cosmetic restorations for various reasons:
  • chipped, worn or traumatised teeth;
  • unsatisfactory tooth colour;
  • gaps between your teeth;
  • tooth crowding;
  • minor tooth curvatures.
Each patient and their situation is unique, so we discuss their wishes and options during the first visit. Do you have further questions? Call +370 692 38498 or email

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    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (S) 99€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (M) 129€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (L) 159€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (XL) 209€
    • Estetinis danties plombavimas (XXL) 239€
    • Estetinės plombos kontūravimas, poliravimas 29€