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ICON – drill-free tooth repair

Choose the innovative initial caries treatment with the German Icon system without drilling or filling. Treatment of primary dental caries without drilling and filling!

How do we treat teeth with the Icon system?

  1. Identifying caries lesions. If the caries has damaged the enamel and the first third of the dentin, we treat with Icon. If the damage is deeper, we offer a filling procedure.
  2. At the start of the procedure, we isolate the teeth with a cofferdam system and insert the pins into the interdental space.
  3. We apply a special material to the surface of the damaged tooth to open the pores of the damaged enamel.
  4. Wash the surface of the tooth to be treated with ethanol and air dry.
  5. We apply a liquid high-penetration composite resin to the tooth. Capillary traction causes the open enamel pores to “absorb” the liquid resin, which we then harden using light. This strengthens the demineralised enamel layer and stops the penetration of caries into the deeper tooth tissues.
  6. If the lesions are deeper, the procedure is repeated.

What is the Icon system for treating tooth decay?

DMG Dental (Germany) is the developer of the Icon infiltrative caries treatment system. This micro-invasive treatment procedure is used to stop and remove the spread of interdental caries and “white spots”. The aim of the procedure is to destroy the caries in its initial stages, while the dentin is minimally damaged. “The Icon system is effective when the enamel and the first third of the dentin have been damaged by primary caries. We treat deeper dentin lesions using other methods. The Icon system does not drill the teeth, so the dental tissues remain healthy.

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With the Icon system, there is no drilling or filling, so the procedure is painless and the tooth tissue stays healthy. Studies have shown that treatment with the Icon system is 89% more effective than conventional fluoride therapy. In 23 of the 24 patients in the study, treatment with the Icon system was successful.

The cost of the procedure depends on the situation in your mouth and the number of treatments. We will give you a preliminary price and a plan for the procedure at the first meeting.

“The Icon system is effective when the primary caries has damaged only the upper enamel (E1, E2) and the first third of the dentin (D1). Deeper dentin lesions (D2 and D3) are treated with a filling. This can only be determined by your doctor during a consultation or procedure.

Examples of completed works



    • Professional oral hygiene (removal of hard, pigmented plaque with an ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments, polishing with baking soda (AIR-FLOW system) and prophylactic paste) 69-89€
    • Polishing with baking soda (AIR-FLOW system) and prophy paste 49€
    • Repeated professional oral hygiene 49€
    • Deep periodontal cleaning of one dental arch 149€
    • Deep periodontal cleaning of one tooth 19€
    • Periodontal rinsing with antiseptics/gel application 19€
    • Teeth whitening with caps (caps for both jaws, box, whitening and numbing gel) 199€
    • Teeth whitening with LAZER / LEMPA (whitening gel activated with LAZER / LEMPA) 259€
    • Repeat teeth whitening with LAZER / LEMPA (after 1-4 months) 149€
    • Intrinsic tooth whitening 69€
    • Inner teeth whitening (second/third session) 49€
    • Aesthetic fillings / tooth contouring, polishing 29€
    • Fluoridation of one tooth / mineral gel application 9€
    • Fluoridation of all teeth / mineral gel application 49€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (S) 69€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (M) 79€
    • Dental caries treatment without drilling "ICON" (L) 89€