Medical and dental clinic | Completing implant and prosthetic procedures started in other countries

Completing implant and prosthetic procedures started in other countries

Which implant manufacturers are used in the Vingis Clinic?

Find out more about what to do if you have started an implant-prosthesis procedure in another country and want to finish it in Lithuania.

Extremely high likelihood of original titanium implants fitting

Dental implants are the most advanced technology to replace a lost tooth without grinding or otherwise damaging the surrounding teeth and to restore the function of the teeth.
A dental implant is a small metal screw that is surgically threaded into the jawbone. This replaces the lost tooth root. Dental implants are usually made of titanium. This metal is the most suitable for the human body: it does not cause allergic or rejection reactions, and it grows perfectly into the jawbone. The human body accepts this substitute as its own tissue.

Vingis Clinic uses only the highest quality original titanium implants, which have earned the trust of both doctors and patients and meet all the highest medical standards. That’s why it is so high – up to 98-99%. – the likelihood of implant attachment.

Completing implant and prosthetic procedures started in other countries

A quite common situation at Vingis Clinic is that a patient has started an implant procedure in another foreign country and wants to complete the implant and/or prosthesis in Lithuania. Patients who have undergone such procedures in Western European countries, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, etc. Or another common situation – prosthetics or implant work was started in another clinic in Lithuania that no longer exists, or the doctor has changed – and you want to finish the procedure in our clinic.

Because we work with most of the major, well-known implant manufacturers from all over the world, we can not only prosthetize implants from different manufacturers, but we can also complete the management of complex cases, even re-implantation, re-prosthetics or “repairs”. If necessary, we have or order additional instruments, parts or equipment to complete procedures started elsewhere. We always help you find the optimal solution for each individual situation and resolve even the most complex situations.

Treatment of peri-implantitis, failed implants and complications

In rare cases, complications occur after previous implant treatment. One of them is peri-implantitis – inflammation of the tissue around the implant. It significantly increases the risk of losing the implant. Other common problems include bone numbness around implants, gingivitis, fractures of implants and dentures, etc.
This can be caused by poor oral hygiene, technical reasons such as the selection of the wrong materials, or the unprofessionalism or lack of experience of the dentist.

We work with most of the major, well-known implant manufacturers

There are thousands of implant system manufacturers worldwide. Just like objects, implants are popular, some are more popular and others are less popular. The world’s leading manufacturers are Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel Biocare (Sweden), 3i, Dentsply (Friadent, Xive, Ankylos) and Astratech (USA).
Straumann implants are among the most popular in Lithuania. They are of exceptional quality and therefore have a slightly higher price. It is worth noting that low price does not always mean low quality. Conversely, a high price does not always guarantee quality. The professionalism of the dentist you have chosen is a major part of the success.
We work with most of the major implant manufacturers. We usually choose from Straumann (Switzerland), Medentika (Germany), MegaGen (South Korea) and Neodent (Brazil).
We also work with implants from other manufacturers: Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons, Osstem, MIS, Zimmer Biomet, Dentis, Implant Direct, Dentsply, AlphaBio, Humana, HI-TEC, Apha Dent, Medentika, K3Pro Dental, NeoBiotech, Osstem (Hiossen), Ankylos, CAMLOG, Dentsply Sirona / Xive, Euroteknika (ETK), Implant Direct, DTI, ACE Surgical, BICON, BICON, Dentium, Thommen Dental.
How do you know which implant manufacturer is right for you? The dentist who consults and treats you at the Vingis clinic will, if you wish, introduce you to all the implant manufacturers he works with and, during the consultation, will choose the optimal price and quality option.

There are some non-original implants on the dental implant market, so don’t be afraid to ask your dentist

Just like in the clothing market, there are also cases of implants being counterfeited in implantology. Firms with unclear reputations developing their own dental implants. Most of the time, their quality is really poor. Find out which brand of implants your dentist uses. He is obliged to disclose this type of information. Even if dental implants look durable at first glance, they may end their life in a few years. The dental clinic’s guarantee for dental implants will have expired and you will have to use the dental implant service again.
Never be afraid to ask a dentist what tools he uses, what his experience with implants is, or even simply what university he studied at. Check the warranty on the implants. It’s your health – take good care of it.

Experienced dentists, original and high-quality materials – fewer problems and complications

Vingio klinika is a modern, constantly developing dental and implantology clinic, which has brought together a highly experienced and professional team of dentists, implantologists, prosthetists and other specialists. We use only the highest quality genuine titanium implants and materials that meet all the highest medical standards.

The implants used in the Vingis clinic are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

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