Medical and dental clinic | 3 great implant-prosthetic offers – 21% discount

3 great implant-prosthetic offers – 21% discount

Aesthetic, high quality, fast solution

  • when one tooth is missing 1 099 €
    1 399 €

Complete tooth restoration with implant and zirconia crown

  • 3 missing teeth €2,599
    3 199 €

Restoration of 3 teeth with two implants and a zirconium bridge

  • “All teeth on 4 implants” technique for one edentulous jaw 3 799 €
    4 599 €

In one visit, 4 implants are placed in one edentulous jaw or in a jaw with hopeless, unsuitable teeth that are removed in the same procedure. Within 2-7 days, a temporary reinforced denture with 10-14 teeth (the number of teeth depends on the anatomy of the jaw) is made.

After 6-12 months, once the gums and bone have healed, the implants can be attached to permanent dentures, which are not only much more comfortable than removable dental plates and temporary dentures, but also aesthetically pleasing – almost identical to the natural human teeth.
This solution for the edentulous jaw perfectly restores the chewing function of the teeth, helps you feel comfortable and smile with confidence! We only use quality implants!

Important: Implants and prostheses can be reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund.

ALL DANTS ON 4 IMPLANTS offer price includes:

1. consultation with a dentist,
2. implants,
3. a temporary permanent reinforced composite denture,
4. panoramic dental photo,
5. taking impressions for a temporary denture,
6. fitting the denture.

Extra: free blood coagulation test for older patients on regular medication.

Enough procrastination! Time to enjoy life, smile bravely and eat comfortably!

Offers are valid until 31.05.2024.

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More about implants with the ALL DANTS ON 4 IMPLANTS® method

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