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Teeth straightening with caps

Dentist: when smiles change, personality changes

When we go to the hairdresser, the first thing we notice is the hairstyle, right? If we see our hair perfectly groomed by a professional, we feel confident entrusting it to them. This simple rule applies to other services too – dentistry is no exception. When you meet Audrius Čaplikas, a dentist at the Vingis Clinic, it is impossible not to notice the dentist’s impeccable smile. The one you’ve always dreamed of having. Maybe it’s time to turn dreams into a mirror image?

A patient’s dream in the hands of a doctor

Orthodontic treatment is not a field that is undertaken spontaneously. Before starting to straighten their teeth, patients first of all choose very carefully the specialist to whom they will entrust the treatment. Both the professionalism of the dentist and the personality are taken into account. The expectations placed on the doctor can be well understood, because the patient is entrusting not only his or her time and investments, but also… the biggest dream.

Dentist Audrius Čaplikas has already proven his high level of professional skills by solving a number of very complex orthodontic cases by straightening teeth with invisible caps. Invisible caps are an advanced orthodontic technique that helps to create a harmonious smile without fixed appliances. Yes, you’ve got it right: it’s now possible to straighten your teeth and correct your bite without braces – discreetly, painlessly and quickly. This orthodontic technique is not only striking in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of the stunning results that are achieved by successive replacements of individually made clear caps. “Anyone can have an enchanting smile. I have seen this for myself and I can reassure patients that invisible tombs can solve even the most complicated cases. It is a particularly comfortable way to get rid of oppressive complexes,” says the dentist.

Graves or braces?

When asked for his opinion on which is better – braces or caps – dentist A. Čaplikas seems even a little surprised to hear the following question: “Comparing these orthodontic techniques, we can compare driving a car and cycling: both means of transport help to reach the goal, but the comfort is incomparably different. The situation is similar when it comes to orthodontic treatments – we achieve effective results with both conventional and advanced teeth straightening techniques, but the path to the final goal is as different as night and day.”

Invisibility and the aesthetic appearance of graves are just some of the many advantages of this technique. The dentist notes that each patient identifies different advantages of caps: for some, the fact that the cap can be removed seems to be a major plus, while others are interested in less frequent visits to the dentist, convenience and other criteria. And the doctor himself highlights digital treatment planning as one of the biggest advantages of the capsule, which ensures smoothness by allowing every step to be anticipated in advance. “It’s up to each patient to decide which teeth straightening method they prefer. On the other hand, I think that the main (maybe even the only) reason why patients might choose fixed orthodontic appliances is not anything else but a lack of information. Many people dream of straightening their teeth in an aesthetic and comfortable way, but they don’t even know that it has been available in Lithuania for many years.

A smile is more than looks

Patients who have straightened their teeth unanimously agree that an aesthetic smile brings much more than just a positive change in appearance. This is also confirmed by Audrius Čaplikas, a dentist at Vingis Clinic, who is happy to fulfil patients’ expectations and witness the obvious changes. “I am grateful to my profession because every time I see a transformation not only in patients’ smiles, but also in their personalities: when a smile changes, there is more courage, more confidence, more freedom. The success story doesn’t end with the last visit to the orthodontist. On the contrary, it is just beginning. I wish every patient a new phase to be accompanied not only by a flawless appearance, but also by a sincere smile.”

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