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Aesthetic surgery

At the Vingis Clinic, botulinum and hyaluronic acid injections are performed by Karolis Gailius, an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The doctor performs botulinum injections, hyaluronic acid fillers, as well as the treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding) with botulinum injections.

Botulinum injections

Botulinum injections are a non-surgical treatment for the correction of facial wrinkles.

How long do botulinum injections last?

Normally, the effects of botulinum injections start to be visible 5 days after the procedure, but the full effect takes up to 14 days. The muscles of the mimic are relaxed and the skin in problem areas is smoothed. Botulinum toxin lasts about 6 months, but the effect lasts up to 1 year.

Why choose hyaluronic or botulinum injections?

  • Quick procedure;
  • Fast-acting effect;
  • There is no period of sick leave – you can return to work immediately after the procedure;
  • Can be done at any time of the year;
  • The procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Differences between hyaluronic and botulinum injections

Botulinum toxin injections quickly and effectively smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and can also be used in cases of heavy sweating or involuntary gnashing of teeth.

Hyaluronic injections are used to address a wider range of skin problems. It reduces wrinkles, corrects the contour of the face, plumps the lips, restores volume to the cheeks, effectively hydrates the skin and gives it a natural glow.

A Vingis Clinic plastic surgeon will recommend and advise you which procedure is best for you, after assessing your skin condition, existing complaints and desired results.

Hyaluronic injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are a popular way to reduce facial wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and contour the face.

The procedure is safe and effective, with long-lasting results.

The professionalism of the plastic surgeon and the clinic’s high medical standards ensure the highest quality of service and patient satisfaction.

Hyaluronic acid is included in many cosmetic (especially facial) products, but hyaluronic acid injections have the greatest effect in restoring the right amount of hyaluronic acid to the body.

Hyaluronic injections are used to smooth facial wrinkles, stop the appearance of new wrinkles, correct or volumise the oval of the face and lips (lower jaw, chin, eyebrows, cheeks). The effects of the injection are visible immediately.

The effects of hyaluronic acid injections usually last between 6 and 12 months. This is influenced by where the injection is given, genetic factors, lifestyle and age.

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This is involuntary gnashing of the teeth or biting too hard, usually during sleep. Constant gnashing of teeth can cause jaw, ear or even headaches. Bruxism is also often associated with dental problems such as increased tooth sensitivity, tooth wear or chipping. Hypertrophy of the masticatory muscles, which can lead to a square jaw, is another side effect of bruxism.

It is probably the most effective treatment for bruxism, treating excessive muscle activity and spasticity. Botulinum therapy relaxes overstretched jaw muscles, reducing pain and discomfort. This method of treatment is safe and quick. Treatment with botulinum toxin relieves jaw pain, headaches and other unpleasant problems associated with bruxism. Injections of botulinum toxin into the masseter muscles can also create a more beautiful facial oval.



    Botulinum injections

    • Consultation with a plastic surgeon - 45 min. 80€
    • Horizontal forehead wrinkle correction From €120 for women, from €130 for men
    • Correction of wrinkles between the eyebrows ("worry", "anger") From 120€
    • Correction of wrinkles around the eyes ("goose bumps") From 130€
    • Vertical wrinkles around the lips "Barkodas" From 80€ for women, from 90€ for men
    • Smile correction "Gummy smile" From 80€ for women, from 90€ for men
    • Treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding) 350€ - 400€
    • Treatment of sweating (hyperhidrosis) 350€ - 550€

    Hyaluronic injections

    • Consultation with a plastic surgeon - 45 min. 80€
    • Lip shaping 0,70 ml / 1 ml - 250€ / 320€
    • Correction of fine wrinkles with hyaluronic fillers around the lips, laugh lines, neck, etc. areas 0,70 ml / 1 ml - 250€ / 320€
    • Correction of dark/ sunken eyelids, deep "tear duct" 1 ml - 350€
    • Correction of nasolabial folds (nasolabial) 1 ml - 320€
    • Cheek correction with hyaluronic acid fillers 1 ml / 2 ml / 3 ml - 350€ / 550€ / 750€
    • Contouring the jawline, angle 1 ml / 2 ml / 3 ml - 350€ / 550€ / 750€
    • Chin shaping 1 ml - 350€
    • Rejuvenation and wrinkle correction of the hands 1 ml - 320€
    • Hyaluronic acid degradation (Hyaluronidase) 150€
    • Restylane SKINBOOSTERS VITAL 1 ml - 320€