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Dental services on a pay-as-you-go basis

Do you dream of a beautiful and healthy smile, but keep putting off dental treatment because you don’t have the right amount of money? You can pay for all dental services at the Vingis Clinic in instalments by using medical leasing. We are a partner of Inbank Mokilizingas and can offer you a deferred payment service at special conditions! ” Inbank Mokilizingas always lends responsibly, taking into account your income and existing liabilities.

Vingis Clinic offers exclusive conditions for its clients:

  • Amount to be funded: €50 – €10 000
  • Contract term: 6 months. – 5 years
  • 0% interest
  • 0.60-0.85% administrative fee per month
  • No transaction fee

Who can use the leasing service?

The hire purchase service is available to:

  • who receive a salary under an employment contract;
  • who receive regular benefits (pensions, allowances, etc.) paid by “Sodra”;
  • ministerial pensioners (receiving pensions paid by ministries).

“Advantages of Inbank Mokilizingas:

  • Fast contract process
  • With leasing, you get the service straight away
  • You can pay an initial deposit or no deposit – whatever suits you best
  • The amount payable will be spread evenly over each month according to a set schedule
  • Early returns always result in a recalculation of the increase
  • You can purchase several services at the same time
  • Choose where, when and how you want to pay your instalments (you can pay by bank transfer, Maxima, Paypost, Narvesen)

How do I pay for dental services in instalments?

The first thing you should do is make an appointment with your dentist. Once your dental condition has been assessed, a dental treatment plan will be drawn up for you and the total amount of money needed for the treatment will be made clear. Then contact the clinic reception, where your solvency will be assessed in a few minutes on presentation of your identity document. If your solvency assessment is positive, you will be able to enter into a hire purchase agreement straight away.

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