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A quick solution for restoring a toothless jaw

We would like to tell you more about the “All teeth on 4 implants” technique.

We interviewed Roma, a patient at Vingis Clinic, who has used this technique. Dr Audrius Čaplikas, an implantologist at the Vingis Clinic, comments on the technology and principles of implantation itself.

“Implantology technology is constantly improving. The first use of a similar type of implant technique dates back to 1998. Within a couple of decades, this technique has become very popular in Europe. “Today, the technique used at Vingis Clinic makes it possible to restore all the teeth in the upper or lower edentulous jaw, with a non-removable denture fixed on four implants. We attach 10-14 teeth per jaw, depending on the situation and the size of the jaw. During the first few days after the “All teeth on 4 implants” procedure, the patient must observe specific food restrictions. The composite denture, reinforced with titanium abutments, is fixed on the implants 2-7 days after the implantation. Chewing function is fully restored within a week.” Drs. Audrius Čaplikas, dentist-implantologist at Vingis klinikos, comments.

Didn’t want removable dental plates

The editorial team contacted a patient of the clinic, Romas, who had his teeth restored six months ago at the Vingis Clinic in the capital city of Vilnius using the “All teeth on 4 implants” technique.

Romas had tried all prosthetic options. He has had removable plate dentures and single dental implants. Those who have experienced removable dentures first-hand know the discomfort they cause: you can’t taste the food, and the food residues behind the plate are very irritating to the gums. The plate has to be soaked every day, glued, and the plate itself doesn’t stick comfortably – it sticks.

Fast and high quality results

The procedure is very quick and the result is stunning: the screwed dentures look like natural teeth, without the need to be glued or soaked overnight – the person is spared all these tedious rituals.

– I didn’t feel any fear because I was already familiar with implants – I’ve had single teeth implanted before. When I found out that there was a technique for restoring teeth to the edentulous jaw on only four or six implants, I decided to go for it straight away. It’s hard to believe, but the procedure to thread 4 implants into the jaw took only 3 hours.

– For a few days after the procedure, I felt a little discomfort,” continues Romas. But that’s a small thing compared to the joy of new teeth, a new smile and, as I say, a new life.
The man says that when he saw the professional team of prosthetists and implantologists working here, he knew immediately that they would do a great job.

– I think that many people are simply unaware that such a technique exists, because relatively few people in Lithuania have such teeth yet. But it is only a matter of time. I know that the doctor has had training in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and that’s where he brought this technique.

Restoring chewing function

He says it is very important that the chewing function is restored. Good digestion improves the absorption of vitamins and micronutrients, prevents overweight, and makes eating more enjoyable.

– You sit at the table like you’re at a dinner party, you’re not in a hurry, you don’t have to think about inconveniences, and eating is satisfying,” Romas shares his impressions. – I’m only 70 this year,” says the man with a grin.

– It was very important for me to have a new hairstyle. I feel more confident.
Romas told us that he sings in the choir, teaches vocal lessons and is a conductor. The smile on his face means a lot.

– When you have no teeth, you walk around with your nose hanging out, and all you can do is look at the ground. And when your teeth are as good as new, you eat well, you are in a good mood, your digestion is also good, and you are open to people, you do not feel your age.

Age, complex dental situation and chronic diseases are not a barrier

Doctor Audrius Čaplikas told us that recently a 92-year-old patient came to the clinic, found out about the technique and decided to use it. They say that I may not be able to enjoy my life for long with my new teeth, but it will be a much better quality of life: I’ll be able to chew normally, laugh and feel more confident.
Another interesting story: a man complained of stumbling, decayed and decayed teeth, and in one day, not only were the teeth removed, 4 implants inserted, bone grafted, but also impressions were taken immediately for the denture. And 5 days later, she was already enjoying her new, beautiful attached teeth.
Comorbid chronic diseases such as diabetes, joint, cardiovascular, psychiatric, oncological, etc. diseases, gum problems – implants and dentures can be successfully performed. It is important that the disease is not acute.

Reimbursement from the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) can be used for the implant

In Lithuania, the price for the same methodology and the same materials is still lower than in Europe, and a special price of €3,799 (instead of €4,599) has now been announced. “Vingio klinika has signed a contract with the State Patients’ Fund, so you can use the reimbursement from the State Patients’ Fund for implants or prosthetics. The clinic also takes care of all the paperwork for the TLK. “Patients from all over Lithuania choose to undergo prosthetics and implant procedures at Vingis Clinic, as the TLK reimbursement can be used regardless of the place of residence.


  • Seniors get a free dental consultation for dentures/implants.
  • You are entitled to the TLK reimbursement every 3 years.
  • The amount reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund starts at €670.39.
  • The TLK reimbursement can be used for both dentures and implants.
  • The TLK reimbursement is available regardless of where you live. You are free to choose any city. For example. If you live in Ukmergė, Alytus or any other city in Lithuania, you can be successfully treated in Vilnius.
  • Implants can be placed without one, several or all of the teeth in the jaw.
  • The “All teeth on 4 implants” implant technique is particularly suitable for edentulous jaws or jaws with hopeless, unsuitable teeth or root remnants.
  • “All teeth on 4 implants” is done in one day, the procedure takes about 3 hours.
  • “The Vingis Clinic uses only the highest quality titanium implants that meet all the strictest medical standards. That’s why it is so high – over 99%. – implant attachment rate.
  • Dental implants come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • “Vingio Clinic has a highly experienced and professional team of implantologists and prosthetists.

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