Medical and dental clinic | Dental procedures under general anaesthesia (anaesthesia)

Dental procedures under general anaesthesia (anaesthesia)

There are people who not only have a fear of dental treatment, but also have problems, illnesses or a very long and complicated dental procedure ahead of them. These people prefer to have their dental procedures carried out under general anaesthesia, also known as anaesthesia.

We are one of the few dental clinics in Lithuania with a licence from the State Service for Accreditation of Health Care Activities, which allows us to perform treatment under different types of anaesthesia. To provide anaesthesiology services, a healthcare facility must meet the very strict requirements of the State Service for Accreditation of Healthcare Activities. General anaesthesia can only be administered by a licensed anaesthetist-anaesthetist.

Sigitas Dimgaila, an anaesthesiologist and paediatric intensive care physician, performs anaesthesia procedures at the Vingis clinic. Doctor. Sigitas is not only a professional in his field, but he is also able to interact with even the smallest patients.

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