Dental Hygiene

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Routine hygienist visits are a key part of preventive dental care

To keep your mouth really healthy we recommend regular dental hygiene with check-ups.
Your dental hygienist will carry out a thorough cleaning using both hand and ultrasonic instruments, depending on need and your personal preference. Any calculus (tartar) and any stains will be removed, teeths will be polished to give a lovely clean feeling. As necessary they will use local anesthetics to be sure you do not have any discomfort.
We have courteous and knowledgeable dental hygienists, Laura Sviglinskienė, Marija Jagminaitė-Čaplikienė, Martynas Pempė who all treat patients in the same gentle but thorough way.
Our patients usually see their hygienist on a 2, 3, 4, 6 or even 12 monthly bases, depending on need. Each person is different, so you will be advised how soon your next routine visit should be. Some people need a full session of an hour, but for others 30 or 45 minutes is all that is needed. We often book these routine appointments in advance, so they don’t get forgotten.

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